CRMDA KU Summer Statistical Institute

Week 1: summeR!

  1. summeR-1
  2. summeR-2
  3. summeR-3
  4. summeR-4
  5. summeR-5

Week 2: Stata!

  1. stata-1: workflow
  2. stata-2: do files
  3. stata-3: programming
  4. stata-4: visualization
  5. stata-labs: exercises

Week 3: Structural Equation Modeling

  1. sem-1
  2. sem-2
  3. sem-3
  4. sem-4
  5. sem-5

Other data downloads

Data examples that are used within the presentations are generally included with them. However, we have some larger data sets that may be used for training purposes that are not included in the above archives, but may be downloaded separately. All of these include documentation.

These larger data sets are available in the data folder. At the current time, these sets are available.

  1. mpg: Miles per gallon analysis. This is the simplest, smallest data set and it is the right place to start
  2. els: The Educational Longitudinal Study. A large-ish subset offered with permission of the US DOE.
  3. hsb: High School and Beyond. A study of educational achievement that is very well known in education research, especially after it was the focus of the most influential multi-level modeling textbook, Raudenbush and Bryk's Hierarchical Linear Models
  4. radon: levels of radon in homes, data that was used in Andrew Gelman's research on multilevel models and discussed in detail in Gelman and Hill, Data Analysis using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models
  5. gpa: Grade Point averages over time observed for 200 students at 6 time points, presented by Jop Hox and included in the MLMUS text set by Rabe-Hesketh and Skrondal